Prophet Java chooses the Wakanda theme for his pre-birthday celebrations

The flamboyant Zimbabwean-American based Prophet Passion Java has begun his birthday celebrations which are set to be held in five different countries for a month, including Zimbabwe

Prophet Java was born on the 29 October in Harare.

During an Interview with Plot Mhako of Earground, Java said he was going to start his birthday celebrations earlier in different parts of the world.

He said “I am celebrating my birthday the whole month in which the first one will be in America followed by Zimbabwe, Johannesburg, Capetown, Dubai then will end it in Las Vegas on the 2nd week of November” said Prophet Java.

The first one had the Wakanda theme in which he and his guests were dressed in costumes of super heroes, he was dressed in the Black Panther outfit as the character King T’Challa.