*LEAD press statement* on the planned attack on foreign nationals.

Cdes and Friends, May I on behalf of the Labour Economist and Afrikan Democrats (LEAD) render my heartfelt appreciation to the South African community who have provided a chance for coexistence which in turn forms the anchor and root of the African spirit and legacy.

How ever we are deeply concerned with the current developments regarding the rumors of xenophobic violence. These developments are unfortunately escalating threat on foreign nationals who are resident in South Africa.

In addressing this issue it is important to note that the reflection we see being portrayed, does not represent what is on the ground in terms of how the South African community has welcomed foreign nationals together they have realized that poverty is the enemy go on the ground you will discover this.

Nevertheless we implore the South African community to stand guard against insights of politically motivated violence for it is a bad set towards development.

We therefore call on the government of South Africa, Political, religious and civic actors to condemn such threats in the spirit of Ubuntu “I am because you’re” let us all stand against this, inorder to preserve human life and human dignity, one loss of an African life is a loss for us all.
We appreciate those who have stood up for foreign nationals now and before your patriotic efforts can not go unnoticed thank you.

We further call on the Southern African Development Committee and African Union organizations to reign in and bring forth a lasting solution to this crisis.

Getting on: we encourage the Government of Zimbabwe to echo these sentiments inorder to protect its citizens too.

The Labour Economist and Afrikan Democrats stands for the Zimbabwean workers within and beyond our borders. We are a peaceful party which has its foundation on respect for one another in finding nonviolent solutions to challenges.

I thank you.
May God bless, protect you and your families
And may God bless our motherland

Tinashe Chinomona
LEAD National Spokesperson.