Gonyeti rose to firm through her skits which insinuates the daily live hoods of the ordinary Zimbabwean in a comical way. She rose to stardom accidentally when she had accompanied her mother to audition on a drama series. During the auditions, she was offered a role which she met and surpassed expectations. The directors where impressed and in early 2008 a star was reborn. She rose to fame through her roles in showbiz patircularly comedy, Voice over artistry and Events host.

Early life

Gonyeti was born Samantha Kureya on the 16th of September of the year 1986 (age 32). Samantha was born and bred in the high-density suburbs of Mufakose with ambitions of becoming a nurse after completing school. Gonyeti attended schooling at Mufakose High School in Mufakose. Gonyeti’s mother was an actress although this did not motivate her enough to pursue the acting career.


Though she portrays a highly pompous and lavish persona, Gonyeti is astoundingly shy and upbeat. She harbors ambitions of opening charitable organizations for the less privileged as well as the talented people who are from disadvantaged backgrounds. She has often alleged that people mock her because of her weight.


Gonyeti was born to one Miriam Mabvudzi (Mother) who was an actress and also featured in the popular local drama Togarasei as Mai Tonde. Gonyeti has two brothers namely Donald and Nigel as well as one sister called Felistas.

Marital Status

Kureya is not yet married but is in a relationship and she allays that she is beautiful even though people have mocked her body on many occasions.

Why the name Gonyeti?

Gonyeti earned the name from a skit she did with Bhutisi and Boss Kedha of the P.O Box TV Fame. The name is a shona name which translate to a haulage truck and this is due to her big body. However, she is often confused to Pamela Zulu a.k.a Gonyeti who is a band member of the Third Generation band owned by multi-talented artist Jah Prayzah. She has also attracted other nicknames as Dhaf Dhunda during her childhood.


After the debut in 2008, Gonyeti has ventured into not only acting but also stand up comedy. Kureya acknowledges Lucky Aaruni and Doc Vikela for her breakthrough into the stand up comedy sector. In her own words Samantha was quoted as saying “I first met Lucky at an audition for ‘Tiriparwendo’, although we did not interact much. “In 2012, we worked together on a feature film, ‘Two Villages Apart’ and a couple more productions, where we strengthened our cordial relations. I first met Doc Vikela when he came to Bustop TV as a guest.”
She was forcibly made to perform stand up comedy on Doc Vikela’s birthday an experience she recounts as not a bad one since it was her first time. She joined P.O Box TV in 2015 before she worked with Bus Stop Tv.

Achievements, Nominations and awards

ZIWA’s People’s choice winner
Nama outstanding comedian Nomimee
Famous works featured in
Two Villages apart-Film
Let’s laugh again-Comedy Festival (Featured Anne Kansiime)

Reports on Abduction

On 22 August 2019, exclusively carried a story on Gonyeti’s abduction,

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