WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the revelation by reliable sources that the SADC troika will make a decision on Mnangagwa after a SADC Troika meeting that is set to be held between 7 and 9 July in Zambia.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.

1. SADC can not discuss the SEOM report in a meeting chaired by Mnangagwa.
2. A Mnangagwa chairmanship would represent a conflict of interest.
3. SADC can call for a re-run in Zimbabwe.
4. SADC concerned by the silence from Zimbabweans after the release of the SEOM report.
5. Two graves prepared for the burial of Eddie Mboma Nyatanga whose two wives each prepared a seperate grave.
6. His first wife Virginia and his second wife Angeline do not see eye to eye.
7. Nyaradzo took the body to Virginia’s house in Mt Pleasent on Sartuday
8. Mboma ‘s body was not allowed to pass through the house in Borrowdale Brooke.
9. Each wife bought a suit for Mboma and Nyaradzo funeral service had to choose which one was to be used for the burial.
10. Eddie Mboma Nyatanga in white casket burial.
11. Ivy Nyatanga spoke at the burial at Glen Forest
12. Mboma had multiple children.
13. Virginia therefore prevailed and was recognised as the first wife and was granted the rights to hold the funeral.
14. 16 Year old Berven Nyika studying Medicine at the MSU