WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the dramatic fall in the popularity of Mnangagwa within ZANU-PF after his recent exposure for dealing with criminal businessman.

Vice President, Constantino Chiwenga, is becoming a more popular figure within ZANU-PF, with members now openly showing support and seeking Mnangagwa’s removal from office.

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Key events for today

Chiwenga has been travelling in Tajikstan where he met Angola Vice President.


1. Zimbabwe state security is concerned about Mnangagwa and his interactions with questionable business characters.
2. Chiwenga has never attended a function where Chivayo was present.
3. Chivayo only went close to mnangagwa when Chiwenga was out of the country.
4. Zimbabwe government spokesmen have failed to explain how Chivayo got so close to Mnangagwa. Mnangagwa first travelled with Mnangagwa to the Mbungo shrine, his farm in Kwekwe and ZITF and then South Korea.
5. The trip to South Korea broke the camel’s back.
6. Mnangagwa has been introducing Chivayo to African Presidents.
7. Joanna Mamombe to be sentenced today with Makomborero Haruzivishe and Tererai Obey Sithole.
8. Zimbabwe fachion extravaganza to be held in Zimbabwe on 22 June
9. Companies such as PPC Zimbabwe have changed their reporting currency to the USD. PPC Zimbabwe adoption of the USD has increased the profits of PPC in South Africa which has increased its profit by over 20%.
10. South Africa has missed three deadlines for launching a new smart drivers licence. The first missed date was in April due to failure to find a suitable supplier.
11. In May, Minister of transport Sindisiwe Chikunga said the department would acquire a new machine from France which would release the driver’s licence within 5 days instead of the current 14 days..
12. Department spokesperson Collen Msibi said the tender processes were complete and an announcement would be made soon.
13. Chilima. a former director of Airtel Malawi, was set to challenge current President Lazarus Chakwera in the 2025 elections.
14. Chilima faced corruption charges in 2022 which were dropped by the National Prosecution Authority last month.
15. The aircraft left Lilongwe at 9:17 on Monday and was scheduled to land at 10:02 at Mzuzu airport. However, it failed to land due to poor visibility.
16. The plane was ordered to return to Lilongwe, but something happened and it crashed into a mountainside.
17. The distance between Lilongwe and Mzuzu is about 350km
18. Chilima travelled from South Korea over the weekend.
19. Prior to his political career, Dr. Chilima held key leadership roles in multinational companies like Unilever and Coca Cola. -He is 51 years old and was married with two children.
20. He held a PHD in Knowledge management.
21. ANC, IFP and the DA will be going into a coalition to govern South Africa.
22. This comes after the MK did not arrive at a meeting that was scheduled to be held in KZN. IFP officials, including spokesman, Mkhuleko Hlengwa, were made to wait for over 4 hours.
23. The ANC accused the IFP of going into an agreement with the ANC where they were demanding the position of second Deputy President.
24. The ANC-DA coalition is being resisted within the ANC and is expected to further divide the party within the coming days.


The Zimbabwe military is getting stronger and Mnangagwa’s control is fading.