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Panic Grips foreign Nationals in Polokwane over Viral Hoax Message

Panic gripped Polokwane on Tuesday after a social media post went viral. The viral post alleged that a group of Zulu man had came to...

Isaac Sithole Mabandla Widow Update

This evening we went to hand over donations by Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to the widow of Isaac Sithole Mabandla. Home affairs was at the...

South Africa Taxi Industry Body Denies issuing 9 September Statement

The South Africa Taxi Industry Body SANTACO has distanced itself from a social media statement which has gone viral this weekend. The statement has brought...

South African Military Likely To be Deployed in Johannesburg This Month

Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa are continuing for the second week increasing the likelihood of South African Military Deployment in Johannesburg as police fail to cope

Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi Must Urgently Send Buses to South Africa

Most people do not know that a major humanotarian crisis is underway in South Africa. Over 700 Zimbabweans, Mozambicans and Malawians are stranded living in...

New Xenophobic Attacks flare up in Johannesburg

Fear of new Xenophobic attaccks have flared up in Johannesburg with a large group of suspected Hostel dwellers marching on Sunday. With a small group...

BREAKING! NEW Xenophobic Attacks Break Out in Phillipi, Cape Town

A new round of Xenophobic Attacks has been reported in the area called Philippi in Cape Town this morning. Random looting and burning has been...

No Security At SA Xenophobia Shelters – Trust Ndlovu MDC SA

MDC SA Chairman has this afternoon visited Shelters where Zimbabwean, Mozambican and Malawian women and children are living. At Tsolo hall, there are at least...

EXCLUSIVE! Wife of Zimbabwean Killed in Xenophobic Attacks Speaks

Wife of Zimbabwean Killed in Xenophobic Attacks Speaks. Isaac Sithole Mabandla was a young unemployed Zimbabwean man who lost his life in the recent attacks...

MDC SA in Disarray – Fails to respond to Xenophobic Attacks

MDC SA structures are on the brink of collapse barely 6 months after the new National Executive was elected. The Trust Ndlovu led MDC SA...

More Zimbabweans Lose their Lives in South Africa on 5 September...

Thursday 5 September 2019 was one of the worst days in South Africa. Attacks on foreign nationals spread to the area of Katlehong where at...

South African Trucks Now Being Blocked in Mozambique

As the fallout from this week's Unrest in South Africa, a video has surfaced of South African Trucks Being stopped in Mozambique. The driver in...

Mnangagwa tips Ramaphosa to use force

Addressing a Zimbabweans domiciled in South Africa during a dinner hosted by the Zimbabwe Diaspora Federation, the president of Zimbabwe tipped the South African...

Latest Update on South African Unrest – 5 September 2019

This is the current situation in South Africa as of 5 September 2019: 6 People have been confirmed dead, 3 South Africans and 3 Zimbabweans....

Mr Vegas Calls for Boycott of South Africa

A visibly angry Mr Vegas has slammed South Africans for their attacks on fellow Africans He said if Michael Jackson was alive he would be...

BREAKING! Female Zimbabwean Security Guard Killed in South Africa unrest

The South Africa Police Service has confirmed that a female security guard who was killed in Johannesburg was Zimbabwean. Two other people who were killed...


WATCH LIVE: Mnangagwa refuses to show SADC summit facilities to inspection...

WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the refusal by Zimbabwe President, Mnangagwa, who failed to show the visiting SADC inspection team the SADC summit...
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