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Why Victims of Gukurahundi Won’t Speak about Dissidents

Today I am continuing with the series on Gukurahundi. The issue of dissidents is one of the sticking issuing in the resolution of the...

STIs Ravage Mashurugwi at Jumbo Mine

Mashurugwi at Jumbo Mine have been ravaged by STIs. Speaking to Sly Media, one Mashurugwi has confessed that many men are not using protection. The Mashurugwi...

Watch : MDC Youth Deputy Spokesperson Womberai Responds To Mnangagwa

The MDC Chamisa Youth Deputy Spokesperson, Womberai response to Munangagwa's speech at the Kuwadzana clean up campaign. According to...

Watch: Passion Java, Bushiri and TB Joshua to Fight More In 2020 and 2024

American based Pastors, Henry and Monic said the Lord told them that he is going to expose many prophets like Java, Bushiri and TB...

Killer Zivhu Expresses Outrage as 15 Tonnes of Food Relief Disappears Under His Watch

Killer Zivhu has expressed outrage over the disappearance of 15 tonnes of rice which was meant for Chivi South residents. Recent media reports show that...

Zimbabwe 2019 TOP 10 Men of the year

Gambakwe Media has today released the Zimbabwe top 10 Zimbabwe Men of the year list as follows 10. Sekuru Ndunge

ZRP Commissioner Matanga Warns Motorists, Touts and Mshikashika

Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner Matanga has warned motorists against traffic violations such as speeding and driving under the influence of Alcohol. Commissioner Matanga was speaking...

Mary Chiwenga arrested for bedroom issues not money laundering as alleged.

Mary Chiwenga was reported to have been arrested by Zacc online yesterday. She was detained at Rhodesville Police station...

Bulawayo youths being destroyed by Vuzu and Vista

Vuzu And The Vista Have the Vuzu parties revived again in Bulawayo. Thursday 5 December different uniforms were all...

Freeman Chari opens a Citizen Clinic Fund initiative as ED Mnangagwa fails to provide...

Freeman Chari has pioneered a citizen clinic fund initiative as Mnangagwa fails to provide basic health care. Of the...

Gonyeti and Dr Magombei spotted dining in South Africa

Gonyeti and Dr Magombei has been in South Africa dining together. The two have allegedly been abducted recently this...

Fadzai Mahere reveals 10 tips to properly take care of yourself

These are the ten selfcare tips as revealed by Fadzai Mahere. 10 SELF CARE TIPS: ▪Go...

Ep 2- SVUZ- Police should stop taking goods away from vendors, it’s stealing

In this video, members of the Survival Vendors Union Of Zimbabwe reacts to the confiscating of goods belonging to vendors by the...

Controversial newly recycled Zesa boss Sydney Gata receives a hearty welcome

Controversial Sydney Gata who was sacked for ruining Zesa due to corrupt activities receives a warm welcome at the Hwange Power Utility...

Reverend Kenneth Mtata tells Nelson Chamisa to swallow his pride and talk to ED...

Reverend Kenneth Mtata said Nelson Chamisa must stop his 'whirlwind' tour of lobbying for SADC members to convince Emmerson Mnangagwa to engage...



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Zimbabwe Billionaire Frank Buyanga Mother of Abducted Child Speaks Out

Chantell Muteswa, the mother of Frank Buyanga's child has spoken exclusively to Gambakwe Media and revealed how the drawn out custody battle with the...



ALL Dion Wired Shops Shut Down Today as Struggling Retailer folds

One of the biggest electronic goods store, Dion Wired is shutting down. 34 Dion Wired closed their doors yesterday, for good! Below is part of...