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European Union Urges ED Mnangagwa To Find Dr Peter Magombeyi

The European Union Delegation in Zimbabwe has urged ED Mnangagwa 's government to immediately find Dr Peter Magombeyi as per court order.

Zuva Habane at it again

Urban Tete also known as Zuva Habane who is known for giving marriage advice to women on social media has released another expl!cit video...

What happens when Zimbabwe Military Intelligence Abducts a Person

Zimbabwe Military Intelligence has been involved in various abductions in recent days. The latest case is that of Dr Peter Mugombeyi, who...

PANICKY ED Mnangagwa Plays Hide And Seek Over Dr Peter Magombei’s Whereabouts

As the pressure to release Dr Magombeyi increase, the government is panicking and playing hide and seek over disclosing the whereabouts of the abducted...

BREAKING NEWS! Dr Peter Magombeyi reportedly Killed at Kabrit Barracks – Shepherd Yuda

Shepherd Yuda, a former Zimbabwe prison Official who is now in exile in the UK has revealed new information regarding the Whereabouts of Dr...

Canadian Embassy in Zimbabwe Urges E.D. Mnangagwa to find Dr Peter Magombeyi

The Canadian Embassy in Zimbabwe has called upon E.D. Mnangagwa 's government to release Dr Peter Magombeyi. Writing on their official Twitter account, Canada...

Why Dr Peter Magombeyi was Abducted

Dr Peter Magombeyi has been missing since Sunday when he sent a message to a group of Doctors that he has been...

Senior Doctors Join Juniors Against Abduction Of The President

The senior doctors have joined junior doctors in protest and tools down against the suspected abduction of Peter Mugombei the President of...

Just In: President Abducted

The President of the Zimbabwe Hospitals Doctors Association Peter Magombeyi has reportedly been abducted by three men yesterday evening. Details suggest that the abduction...

Miracle Juice For Diabetes and High Blood Pressure – Dr Wilbert Mutoko

Dr Wilbert Mutoko shows us how to make Miracle Juice For Diabetes and High Blood Pressure using Beetroot, Spinach, Carrots and Apples...

Transformer Oil now used to fry Chicken and Chips: ZESA

As most people are always wondering why transformer oil is always being stolen, Fullard Gwasira the Group Public Relations Manager has explained it! A warning...

Shocking! Woman dies whilst giving birth at Patirenyatwa Hospital “found with dead baby between...

Nurses,at Parirenyatwa hospital allegedly ignored calls for help from a woman who was in labour in the early hours of Sunday morning. The woman...