Bishop Kevin Nyamakanga, the leader of the Zimbabwe Intercessors Movement, has announced the cancellation of the planned SADC Protest.

Nyamakanga has also addressed the widespread speculation and inaccurate reporting surrounding the organization’s initially planned peaceful march scheduled for August.

In a statement released on June 23, Bishop Nyamakanga revealed that he was summoned for questioning by state agents on June 21 regarding the march, which he emphasized was solely a spiritual initiative, not a political endeavor.

He expressed concern over the edited and exaggerated statements made by certain journalists and politicians, which he believes hijacked the movement’s peaceful intentions and created a false narrative.

He also clarified that the Zimbabwe Intercessors Movement’s mission was to pray for Zimbabwe and nothing else.

Nyamakanga said his statement aims to set the record straight and dispel rumors that have been circulating on social media, including claims of his abduction and allegations that the government paid him off.

He appealed for respect for his silence as he sought spiritual direction and guidance.

The planned march had gained significant attention, with some speculating that it was intended to be a platform for political activism.