Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has dismissed as fake s death prophecy concerning CCC leader Nelson Chamisa.

In a statement, Bushiri said the prophecy is a blatant lie


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and the entire leadership of ECG the Jesus Nation Church would like to refute false reports being disseminated by the Daily Blog News concerning Zimbabwean Politician Mr Nelson Chamisa.

In its recent social media post, the Daily Blog News purports that Prophet Bushiri during the Sunday morning Grand Entrance service held in Lilongwe, Malawi, prophesied about the death of Mr Chamisa in the next three months.

This is but a blatant lie, because on the said morning The prophet never made any prophecy regarding Zimbabwe as a country, let alone about any citizen from the same country.

All prophecies made by our leader are made available through all our platforms which include Facebook, YouTube, satellite just to mention a few. Those who followed live and attended the Grand Entrance Service on Sunday 14th January 2024, will agree with us that the prophecy in question wasn’t uttered.

We condemn to strongest terms false reports being publicized by the Daily Blog News for reasons better known by themselves.

We therefore urge the Daily Blog News and other media outlets to desist from reporting defamatory and false news. We believe Media outlets should always strive to trade professionally, report only but the truth without malice and avoid damaging other people’s reputation.

A prophecy is a message inspired by God, a divine revelation and shouldn’t be used falsely by media outlets to advance their various political agendas or personal vendetta.