Bertha, a Zimbabwean YouTuber based in the UK, has revealed theat she made mistakes that cost her money, time and relationships when she moved to the UK.

The mistakes she made were:

  1. She did not research the UK and did not know anything about the country when she went there. She did not know about the cost of living. She did not know what clothes to pack and arrived in winter with summer clothes.
  2. She had insufficient funds when she arrive, and was relying on a friend who helped her come to the UK.
  3. She had high expectations when she moved to the UK. She was only focused on how much money she would earn in a week or a month, and got answers from friends which was based on these questions. She did not taper her expectations. She quickly discovered that she had to work all the time and her bills were more than  her income.
  4. She was shocked on her accommodation. She was living in a tight bedsitter and was paying a huge amount for this little space.
  5. She found out that she had no work-life balance, all she was doing was showering, eating and sleeping. She was working through an agency and was always in a rush. This was not a healthy routine. She had no time to socialize or make friends.
  6. Please watch the video above this post for more details.