Chin’ono says all CCC MPs must withdraw from parliament, contest as Independent

Veteran journslist Hopewell Chin’ono says all Citizens Coalition for Change members of parliament should withdraw from parliament.

Taking to X, Chin’ono said the withdrawal will trigger by-elections to which they would contest as Independent candidates.

He said:

The real test of commitment to the struggle against ZANUPF tyranny and corrupt rule would be a total withdrawal of all CCC MPs from parliament. That would trigger by-elections which they would contest as INDEPENDENTS. But the problem now is how many of them are prepared to stand on principle instead of parliamentary perks? Based on the High Court judgement issued today, parliament is now dysfunctional, and SADC won’t intervene without a crisis. Wouldn’t it be prudent to withdraw then? Right now many CCC MPs are pleading with Tshabangu not to be recalled, what purpose are they if they are in parliament on Tshabangu’s benevolence? ZANUPF and Mnangagwa want a two thirds majority, they can only get it if CCC doesn’t contest the by-elections, so not contesting is not a plausible and tactically smart choice. They have to contest and stop a total parliamentary charade as we saw in 2015 when ZANUPF took over urban seats which Morgan Tsvangirai decided not to contest. My first choice would be to WITHDRAW and contest by-elections as independents whilst building a political party with a constitution and structured leadership. Those that refuse to withdraw, you know that they were never with you in the dust place. Second option is to only contest in by-elections that are triggered by Tshabangu’s recalls, and keep those not recalled in parliament. I prefer the first option, it gives you 100% control over the business of opposing ZANUPF, without that you will have compromised MPs whose only survival is decided by Tshabangu. Now that they know they are beholden to Tshabangu, you will see how silent many will be in these streets for fear of being recalled. How many can publicly declare their allegation to the REAL CCC and not Tshabangu? How many can publicly say that Tshabangu is a political charlatan? How many can withdraw on a point of principle instead of staying for parliamentary perks? As always, Time Will Tell!