Acie Lumumba advices Chamisa to engage Mnangagwa on the release of Job Sikhala

Controversial businessman Acie Lumumba, real name William Gerald Mutumanje has urged Citizens Coalition leader Nelson Chamisa to negotiate the release of Job Sikhala from prison.

Writing on Twitter, Lumumba said Chamisa should engage President Emmerson Mnangagwa for Sikhala who has been languishing in prison for over a year and two months to be released.

“I genuinely believe President Emmerson Mnangagwa likes Nelson Chamisa, pick up the phone, setup a private meeting, get @JobSikhala1 back home to his children.

“Say what you like about Zanu PF but if you had touched one of their own a deal would have been negotiated on the first day, that’s why Mugabe or Grace never slept in a cell. Imbomirai ma sketch please,” Lumumba posted on his X handle.

“Well, if you don’t do this, one day is one day, Job Sikhala will one day come home, on this day Zanu PF will be the least of your problems in life, Job Sikhala will be your new occupation. I have never met Job wacho hangu, but he strikes me as the Kasukuwere of MDC/CCC. Moswera munyasha.”