Pardon Gambakwe Celebrates 46th Birthday. 

Pardon Gambakwe was born on the 14th of September in 1977 in the second largest city of Zimbabwe called Bulawayo.

He successfully completed his undergraduate Bachelor of Science honours degree in Computer Science 2001 at National University of Science and Technology Zimbabwe.

The undying passion to participate in publishing and journalism activity came mid-way his undergraduate period as he was part of the mainframe of the weekly news forum of the university.

With his camera, he could spice up his articles with images he took around the varsity activities reducing the photos to exciting articles.

His published written articles were a marvel to read for many students at the university where he did his undergraduate studies.

Students and staff were addicted not to miss a copy of his weekly articles.

This was the birth of publishing and journalism as his ambitious journey.

Gambakwe is the founder and CEO of Gambakwe Media.

Today, Gambakwe is celebrating his birthday as he is turning 46 years old.