SADC News Observer Mission Issues Its Preliminary Report.

The Southern Africa regional board SADC News observer mission has issued its preliminary report.

SADC Observers Report in brief;

1. Delimitation was a flawed and unconstitutionally executed process.

2. ZEC failed ro release the Voters Roll on time for Candidates to Audit.

3. The fee charged for the Voters Roll was restrictive to candidates

4. CCC Rallies were disrupted by the Police thereby denying the Citizens their right to Freedom of Assembly.

5. The Patriotic Bill is unconstitutional as it attacks the Freedom of Speech.

6. Kasukuwere’s disqualification was unconstitutional but dismissed by the courts.

7. The Nomination fees was restrictive (from 1000Usd to 20 000USd).

8. Access to public media was restrictive to the opposition.