Passion Java death prophecy on Ezekiel Guti fulfilled

Controversial prophet Passion Java’s death prophecy concerning founder of ZAOGA ministries Ezekiel Guti has been fulfilled.

Java delivered a shocking prophecy to Baba Guti as the nation was celebrating his 100th birthday on the 5th of May.

Java said: “Baba Guti is about to die. This is not a skit but a Prophetic word from God unto Baba Ach bishop Ezekiel Guti.”

He added: While the whole world was celebrating your birthday, Baba… l saw Celestial Beings celebrating your coming home, and l saw one who was holding a trumpet and a golden bowel saying, “lt is time, and the time is now”.

Java warned Guti to put his house in order as there will be massive division upon his death.

Guti died in his sleep on Wednesday