Professor Jonathan Moyo fumes after being blocked by Chamisa on Twitter

Self exiled professor Jonathan Moyo slammed CCC leader Nelson Chamisa for blocking him on Twitter.

Moyo said he was blocked for suggesting that Chamisa should provide tangible solutions to challenges being experienced in Zimbabwe.

He added that mature politicians do not block people but tolerate constructive criticism.

He said:

After suggesting to Advocate Nelson Chamisa that, instead of randomly downloading five-tier interchanges from the US and using them as his election campaign memes, it would be prudent and better for him to propose actual and budgeted designs of appropriate multi-tier interchanges as engineering solutions to challenges being experienced in Zimbabwe; he responded by blocking me.

That’s unfortunate. As a leader of a party that styles itself as “the main opposition and the-govenment-in-waiting,” he blocks people who say what he does not want to hear; what would he do should he come to power? Well, it’s his right and his choice, but real and mature politicians have thick skins and they are more tolerant!