Kuda Musasiwa appreciates his Dad on Father’s Day

Prominent entrepeunuer Kuda Musayiwa penned a beautiful message yesterday to celebratehis Dad on Father’s day.

Musasiwa described his father as a great role midel adding that his love for computers  and learning has infected him.

“Happy Fathers day to my Dad Roy Musasiwa When I was 10yrs old, in Australia, my friend Tom and I were playing commando and we blew up my dads Subaru into a pile of ashes. I haven’t fogotten. I will replace it hangu. It might be this year… But I’m sorry for blowing up the car.

“Love you Dad! You had a very mischievous son! But you have been a great roll model. You love for computers and learning new things has infected my life for the better!”, wrote Kuda.