10 Things You Didn’t know about Carl Joshua Ncube and his wife Nelsy

Comedian and Rural BnB founder Carl Joshua Ncube has shared 10 things about his unique marriage.

Carl Joshua and his wife Nelsy are celebrating their wedding anniversary today.

Carl had a secret wedding with Nelsy on 11 June 2012 at the magistrates court.

Below is the full list

1. When we got married on 11 June in Magistrates court Noone knew about our marriage it till the wedding in Bahamas later that year
2. We get out of bed at 11am most times most of our work is done in bed
3. We always make the bed together
4. We cannot stand cooking together
5. We follow each other round the house without realizing it
6. We are both very talkertive bur not at the same time.
7. We both do not drive
8. I love whiskey she loves Gin I love white wine she loves red I love fried chicken she loves sushi
9. Nelsy is the pasta and mince and chocolate mouse queen. I am the steak and Asian Broth King.
10. We love to travel. I mean any excuse and we are gone.