Rutendo Matinyarare slams Fadzayi Mahere for failing to show up for the Patriotic bill debate

Anti sanctions activist Rutendo Matinyarare has slammed Citizen Coalition for Change spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere for withdrawing from the debate on the Patriotic Act.

Matinyarare and Mahere were set to have a interview on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation today, however Fadzai withdraw last minute.

Rutendo claimed that Fadzayi chickened out because she is ignorant of the law.

“FADZAI MAHERE CHICKENS OUT OF DEBATE ON THE PATRIOTIC ACT. Tomorrow Fadzai Mahere and I were scheduled to debate the #PatrioticAct on ZBC, but she chickened out last minute.”, he wrote.

He added that the move comes after Mahere and CCC have lied unopposed on South African media, that the act was enacted to muzzle freedom of speech.

“On Media Freedom Day, Hopewell also chickened out of debating me on SABC, only for SABC to censor the interview after I debunked lies on Zim. Chamisa himself chickened out of a March 2021 CGTN debate with me on sanctions. Why do CCC fear Rutendo Matinyarare so much?”.