Fugitive Prophet, Shepherd Bushiri is having the last laugh in Malawi.

This comes after South African prosecutors and investigators who traveled to Malawi this week to testify against him are stuck in their hotel with nothing to do after the court refused to let them testify.

Bushiri ‘s lawyer, Wapona Kita, successfully applied for the Lilongwe Magistrates court to refuse the South Africans the opportunity to testify.

Kita told Magistrate Dalitso Chimwanza that the South Africans could not testify because they were not authenticated as witnesses.

Kita said according to Malawi ‘s extradition laws, all witness statements needed to be authenticated.

The South Africans’ s lawyer, Dziko Malunda, said he did not know about this law and he was hearing the requirement for authentication for the first time.

Magistrate Chimwanza then adjourned the case to 10 July, giving Bushiri 14 days to make a formal application and the South Africans 14 days to respond.

Bushiri, who fled South Africa in 2020, is facing charges of r_ape and money laundering in South Africa.