Passion Java explains why he was dressed like a madman

Controversial Prophet Passion Java has come to defend himself on social media after his photos dressed like a madman during a church service yesterday went viral.

Taking to social media, Java said he was giving madman vibes at his church yersterday as a teaching to his congregates.

He said its useless to be rich if one does not have Jesus Christ beacause  nothing else matters if God is not at the centre of life life.

“I may appear homeless but I’m still the same Man, The story of my life is very humbling. I’ve gone through many transitions: from Chitungwiza Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 to Maryland USA 🇺🇸, I’ve driven all the fancy cars anyone can think of. I’ve even given away my Lamborghini.

“I’ve stayed in 7 star hotels, flown first class, I’ve owned private jets, I wear the best clothes and very expensive jewelry. I have the most beautiful wife by any standards known in heaven and on earth…but I realise that all of that is useless if you don’t have JESUS CHRIST. Nothing else matters because God is at the centre of my life. Put God first”, he wrote.