Maud Chifamba cries after she she was retrenched

Zimbabwe’s youngest university student Maud Chifamba, cried after she she was retrenched from her job as an accountant

Maud took to her Youtube Channel to reveal how she brokedown when she was fired from her job last year as a chartered accountant.

Chifamba was working at Mazars International Services as an International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) specialist.

She said:

“Sometime last year at the company I was working at, they asked people if they were keen on travelling. I was keen on travelling because, at that time, I was living in Morocco, and I was living my best life, and I thought I liked the life of travelling.

“I figured out I did not want to travel then because of the different circumstances that were happening in my life; it was a bit too late. So I was supposed to go to London starting in December. The company usually is very good at placing people remotely, but it could not place me.

“Unfortunately, they were also hit by the recession, so they had to have layoffs, and unfortunately, I was impacted because I could not go to London, which was my assignment. We then did a voluntary separation.”