George Charamba slams Fadzayi Mahere for badmouthing the country

Presidential spokesperson Goerge Charamba has called on the government to enact a law restraining critics from badmouthing the country.

This comes as CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere was in Geneva, Switzerland this week where she claimed that Zimbabwe is a full-blown dictatorship and opposition leaders are being politically persecuted.

Charamba said the opposition has made it a profession and occupation to go around the world vilifying and badmouthing their own country.

“Which American or British citizen has done that despite the inherent imperfections in their systems of governance? Takaroyiwa neakafa. Muchasvinura henyu!”, he said.

He added that its time for a Patriotic Act to be put in place

“Why should black degenerates continue to go scot free? Edward @Snowden and Julian Asange are facing the law for doing exactly what Fadzai Mahere and crew are doing. Maybe it’s time for the Patriotic Act.”