General Chiwenga full speech in Mhondoro

General Chiwenga spoke at a ceremony in Mhondoro, Mashonaland West where Zimplats built and handed the Mhondoro rural hospital for the local community. The rural hospital has a mortuary and a canteen. It has world class running water.

Below are the key points from the speech:

  1. Every Zimbabwean should forget about their status in society.
  2. All Zimbabweans should work hard for the development of the country.
  3. We want to work with local companies in the agricultural, industry and agricultural sectors.
  4. The second republic is alive to the fact that quality of infrastructure improves the lives of local communities and is a good corporate culture.
  5. Our guest of honour is a peace loving and people centric statesman , who has commited his life to serving the people of Zimbabwe.
  6. The elections are going to be decisive and therefore I urge you to vote for our guest of honor and the revolutionary party.
  7. Mhondoro is the home of Chaminuka, Kaguvi and Mashayamombe.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.