SA Tik Toker Iron Bianca in suicide scam

A South African private investigator hasĀ  unearthed a shocking scam in which South African Tik Toker, Iron Bianca (Bianka @spillthetea_007), faked her own death on Tik Tok and scammed millions of her followers who paid cash into a bank account.

The Sartuday Star reports that investigator, Mike Bolhuis, uncovered the elaborate premeditated scam that involved many parties.

Bianca took sleeping pills live on Tik Tok and made people believe that she had committed suicide.

Bolhuis said they have identified the person running the account as a Mrs Spies and she is alive.

People even called to express their condolences and the scammer has gone so far as to set up fake family members to answer calls from her distressed followers.

Please watch close friends of Bianca discussing the suicide below.

Please let read the full story in today’s Saturday Star Newspaper – April 22 2023.