Chamisa speaks on the Zimbabwe military

CCC President, Nelson Chamisa has spoken to Blessing Mhlanga on Zimbabwe’s 43rd independence.

Key points from the discussion:

  1. We have serious problems in  the country, emigration, unemployment, inflation, corruption and extreme poverty.
  2. In the rural areas, there has been a noticeable drop in standards of living.
  3. We must be having multi millionaires on account of a transformed state.
  4. There is no freedom of speech and no freedom after speech.
  5. Our politics is broken, our nation is broken, there is no celebration of diversity.
  6. There are broken institutions. Elections are rigged.
  7. USD1.2 Billion of gold is being smuggled every year and 600million of other minerals.
  8. There is a platinum mafia, chrome mafia, petrol mafia etc.
  9. Mnangagwa is the one who is responsible for the Gold Mafia. The whole world is now aware of the problems in Zimbabwe.
  10. I have no relationship with those in the Gold Mafia.
  11. I was not responsible for the Gold Mafia member, Adv Mpofu was the principal advocate.
  12. Advocates act on behalf of law firms and they do not have a personal relationship with the client.
  13. The issue was to do with trademarks.
  14. I have no relationship whatsoever with Rudland.
  15. Fighting for justice is a principled position. People should not be deprived of legal representation.
  16. The elections will come and we will prove that we can win without structures.
  17. We have our footprints on all four corners of the country.
  18. We are very clear when it comes to policies
  19. We are going to be launching the New Zimbabwe Blueprint. Focusing on five issues.
  20. Ibbo Mandaza has never believed in us. he is very active in other political establishment.
  21. Hopewell Chin’ono has his views and we respect them. Our death is not bgoing to be declared by an individual. That’s his opinion.
  22. We are not dead, we are alive and kicking. We have all the functions in the CCC. We are the talk of town, Zimbabwe is yellow.
  23. We haven’t implemented devolution. Mnangagwa houses all procurement of all local authorities. We need to move back to executive mayors.
  24. Our councilors have done well under current circumstances.
  25. I am not the prefect of social Media. Toxicity is a national problem, there is too much hate. This must be addressed at that level. There is division at churches, sports and all other people, that is why I have appealed for reconciliation.
  26. I will not stop tweeting verses. In fact I can even give you another verse now. Come, lets reason together. I am a child of God first before I am a politician. My Twitter is my personal platform and there are political platforms of the CCC.
  27. The people of Zimbabwe want change, they have been consistently supporting us. Thats why ZANU-PF is panicking.
  28. Half of the people who voted in the ZANU-PF Primary elections are ours.
  29. There is no problem with having more opposition parties.
  30. There are only two opposing parties in Zimbabwe, ZANU-PF and CCC.
  31. Ncube has ran before with Nkosana Moyo and is now running with the new guy, he is now running with Chapman. he has been an advisor of Mnangagwa.
  32. Mnangagwa must stop contaminating places of worship. He must repent first.
  33. Politics is about the ballot and not the bullet. Its about the views of the people and not the views of the army.
  34. We trust the institution of the army and we expect them to uphold the elections.
  35. This time its Mnangagwa who will go to court after the losing the elections.
  36. Mnangagwa is scared of the elections.
  37. Mwonzora is trying to delay the elections on behalf of ZANU-PF.
  38. The delimitation report has defects but like any other thing that is defective, that should not stop us from preparing for the elections.
  39. Diaspora vote, electronic voters roll, registration and transitional mechanisms are important. These are the fundamental reforms.
  40. The process of selecting our candidates is ongoing. Our next step is vetting. We just finished the process and the next step will be citizen caucuses.
  41. We have the doctrine of strategic ambiguity.
  42. We have people of integrity that have been nominated in communities.
  43. There is a timeline and its known, but we don’t share it. Anyone who is not clear is not on our side.
  44. In introduced sim cards. There is going to be 5G.
  45. We took Job Sikhala from MDC99 out of love. Why would we throw him out afterwards.
  46. We are not interested in propaganda. Chin’ono is being malicious.
  47. CCC did not arrest Job Sikhala.
  48. There is only myself as President. There is no competition. There are over 2000 MPs nominated and over 10 000 councilors.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.