Minister of Finance and Economic Developmenet Professor Mthuli Ncube has announced the blacklisting of 13 companies for siphoning funds to the illicit forex exchange market.

In a statement, Ncube said the affected entities would be permanently removed from the list of potential service providers to the Government.

This comes as the government is working towards the stabilisation of the local currency and containment of inflation.

The firms are; Casha Designs (Pvt) Ltd, Re-net Technology (Pvt) Ltd, Malfran Investments (Pvt) Ltd, Difflock Construction (Pvt) Ltd, Staman Investments (Pvt) Ltd, Guide Marketing (Pvt) Ltd, Nodship Investments Pvt Ltd, Infinity Hire Pvt Ltd,  Nomalanga Marketing Pvt Ltd, Gift Mwayera t/a Mwayera Transport Pvt Ltd, Mukota Haulage and Busses Pvt Ltd and Ofixmore Marketing Pvt Ltd Blecia.