Police arrest Mukuru robbers

Police in Midlands have confirmed the arrests of 3 suspects who robbed Mukuru in Maboleni, Lower Gweru. The 3 were arrested in Nkayi after robbing the shop of around US$1000 yesterday morning. The owner of the shop Mr Ndlovu together with Mr Ncube of the neighbouring shop chased after the robbers who fled on a Honda fit from Maboleni to Bhembe, Sogwala and Nkayi road until they abandoned their Honda Fit car and escaped on foot.

The good thing the 2 gentlemen recovered an ID card belonging to one of the suspects, any admission of guilty receipts and also confiscated the robbers’ car which is now in police custody. Police then followed the lead and arrested the 3 suspects in Nkayi today. They are expected to appear in court soon.