It was reported earlier that Tinashe Mutarisi criticized Mai Titi on bringing security to the NAMA awards show.

However, it appears Tinashe posted on Freeman HKD page and someone maliciously joined the post to Mai Titi. This would have been out of character for him.

“Pane vatora comment yangu pano on a post yandaisa in the morning ya freeman vakanobatanidza ne picture ya Mai Titi yavai promoter a security kuma NAMA

My comment had absolutely nothing to do with Mai Titi a person who i respect and work with. I am a business person I do not go around insulting pple pa social media let alone someone who is a respected influencer followed by millions of pple. It’s very clear and obvious to me that this was an advert.

I will never come on social media to diss anyone even my enemies”.