South Africans link AKA murder to Moses Tembe

A huge number of South Africans are pointing at, Business Tycoon, Moses Tembe of being the Master minder in the murder case of a Rapper Kiernan Forbes known as “AKA”.

Moses Tembe is the father of Anele Tembe, who died after jumping off the Pepper club building in Cape Town on 11 April 2021.

After her death, Tembe refused to accept a report that his daughter committed suicide because there were alot more options than being suicidal.

Weeks later, a video emerged where the Rapper AKA was seen assaulting Annele Tembe before she was reported of having jumped off from the 10th floor of their rented apartment.

However Mr. Tembe promised mourners during the daughter’s funeral of avenging her death.

“I refuse to accept that my daughter [Annele Tembe] was suicidal. She had so many options and there is nothing that could make her commit suicide. Her death is a mystery but, we will find out the truth and we will avenge her death” Mr. Tembe said during the funeral of the daughter in 2021.