Jaison Muvevi’s mother was present when he shot prophet

Villagers from Wedza have revealed shocking details of how former cop, jaison Muvevi killed a local prophet by shooting him at point blank range while his mother and other members of the apostolic church looked on.

Villagers who heard the gunshots fled their homes and slept in the mountains for days until Muvevi was captured in Mozambique.

According to one of the local villagers, who is related to the late Prophet Madzibaba Silage, Muvevi lived in Nigeria for seven years on some unknown duties.

Muvevi’s mother was reported to be a close friend of Madzibaba Silage, who also sold various goods at his home.

Sometime last year, Madzibaba Silage issued a prophecy that one of Muvevi’s mother’sons had performed rituals.

This angered muvevi’s mother who made a scene at the shrine and warned the prophet that she would let her sons know and they would come for him.

On his return to Wedza from Kadoma where he lived, Muvevi is said to have gone directly to Madzibaba Silage ‘shrine where his mother was.

He arrived with music blaring from his car and the ushers at the church told him to take off his shoes and watch. Muvevi walked straight to the front of the church where its not allowed to sit and sat for a while.

He is then said to have stood up and walked back to his car, where he took two pistols and returned to the same spot where he was sitting before.

without warning, Muvevi is said to have took out a pistol and shot Madzibaba Silage at point blank range.

After shooting the Prophet, Muvevi did not run but first attended to his mother who had fainted and only walked off after she stood up and ordered her to go back home.

Muvevi is then said to have started looking for people that he had grudges with intending to kill them. Among the people that Muvevi wanted to kill was a teacher at the local school who had fired his mother from the position of ECD teacher.

Muvevi then went on to kill a bartender at the local bottlestore and a policeman who was part of a team that was tracking him down.

Narrating his ordeal, a local villager said Muvevi arrived at his home and asked for water to drink. He gave Muvevi water who then asked him where he could find gold. While the villager was leading him to the gold, he saw that Muvevi had two guns at the back of his pants.

At that moment, police arrived and Muvevi escaped, leaving his car at his home.

Villagers revealed that Muvevi attended the local school and had never given anyone in the community a problem until the incident happened.

On the day of the murders, he is said to have addressed a meeting at the local school where he promised to donate 100 computers and help to renovate the school.

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