Anna Chibaby Honde ‘s missing father found alive

Comedian, Anna Chibaby,  has announced that her missing father has been found.

Anna revealed that her father was robbed and left in the middle of nowhere before hitchiking to Masvingo.

My dad was robbed and he was left in the middle of nowhere kuMasvingo. He slept musango then the next day he asked for a ride kuenda kuMasvingo. He went kubank wanting to collect money then a lady in the bank asked Kuti Anna Chibaby Honde munomuziva here he said she is my daughter. The lady Akaramba because he was dirty. Mwari ndokutendai nekuchengeta baba vangu. He is in safe hands

Yesterday,  Anna asked Zimbabweans to help her find her father who went missing on his way back to Nyika growth point, where he was last seen.