Killer BMW owner, Lovemore Chikandiwa a top CCC leader

The owner of the killer BMW, that killed 3 young Zimbabwean kids and injured seven pedestrians while being raced by his brother Layton Chikandiwa, is a top CCC South Africa leader.

Lovemore Chikandiwa is a top CCC leader.

Lovemore is now facing arrest after his brother, Lyton, who was racing his BMW fled the scene of the accident.

Lovemore claims that Lyton stole his car at a car wash before racing it.

The local community has asked police to arrest Lovemore until he reveals the whereabouts of Lyton.

The Sowetan newspaper reported that Lyton does not live in the area, but works for Lovemore, who owns a construction company.

The newspaper went to Lyton ‘s flat in Pretoria but residents there said they do not know him.

Lovemore Chikandiwa owns a construction company, where he employs his brother Lyton

Community members said Lyton was reprimanded on Thursday when he raced the car, but ignored the warnings.

He raced the car again on Sartuday, resulting in the death of the 3 children and injury of seven pedestrians.

Lovemore has refused to say anything further about the case until he speaks to his lawyers.

Please read the full story in today’s Sowetan Newspaper – 10 January 2022.