Three Zimbabwean kids killed in Pretoria hit and run accident

Three Zimbabwean kids were killed on Sartuday after the driver of a BMW slammed into 9 pedestrians.

Twins Munei and Munewa Khomora were killed when the driver of a BMW slammed into 9 pedestrians, they were walking with their mother.

The driver fled the scene of the accident, leaving two passengers in his car.

The tragic accident happened in Pretoria the speeding BMW failed to negotiate a bend and veered off the road, hitting the group of pedestrians.

Alfred Taruvinga (44), the father of the twins, slammed the driver for driving while drunk and killing the children.

Privilege Pareyi was killed in the hit and run accident when the driver of a BMW veered off the road and slammed a group of 9 pedestrians.

Alfred revealed that his wife, Elelwani Khomo (34), was visiting friends in Salvokop, Pretoria when the accident happened.

Alfred Taruvinga father of twins and Josphat Pareyi the father of Priviledge Pareyi.

Another Zimbabwean, Gertrude Matanga (20), was hit by the tree and was hospitalised overnight. One of her twins was released with her after treatment for minor injuries.

The mother of the Privilege, Anna Sithole (27), was unharmed in the accident.