Zimbabwean Prophet Kupe causes death of 15 congregants in South Africa

Prophet Kupe performed rituals on his congregants at Jukskei rvier in Bramley, Alexandra on 4 December 2022.

A Zimbabwean prophet, Prophet Kupe (Mvundla), is being accused of causing the death of 15 congregants whom he took for rituals in a flooded river during a heavy downpour on Sunday.

Kupe, who survived, has disappeared and has not returned to his home after the tragic accident. His wife, Violette, told the Sowetan newspaper that Kupe did not return home and has not contacted her since the congregants drowned.

Police have recovered 15 bodies and a baby is still missing. A total of 33 congregants were in the water when a heavy current swept them away. One group managed to escape while the 15 were taken away.

The mother of a baby that is missing said she managed to hold onto a log and floated down the river. When she got washed out at a bridge, Prophet Khupe was also swept out later on the same river bank. She said Kupe looked at her and said I am sorry about your baby before disappearing.

Khupe’s healing method involves smearing a mixture of eggs and milk on the body of his clients and washing it off with flowing river water.

Thousands of people come from all over the world every day to get help from Prophet Kupe.

Please read the full story from the Sowetan Newspaper – 7 December 2022.