Married CCC activist, Vuka Zimbabwe has a baby with Salani

Popular UK based CCC activist , Vuka Zimbabwe,  has been exposed for having a baby with another activist,  Salani, out of his marriage.

In the recorded Twitter space, Vuka admits that he has a baby with Salani. However,  he denied sleeping with multiple other women.

The exposure was made on a Twitter Space and on Salani ‘s page.

The message on Salani’s page said:

Beware of this character known as Vuka aka Vuka Vee @ Vincent Sambo editor of Zim Social Network who goes around cheating on his wife and has a baby he tried to disown. He has a two year old daughter with another women…he disrespects his wife be repeatedly using his third leg to have unprotected sex with other women wow….are you a victim of this man.


Please listen to the recorded Twitter space below.