“Ollah you will be great and your show will be great “- Jackie Ngarande

Jackie Ngarande a businesswoman and socialite has taken it to social media to comment on the attacks that Dj Ollah 7 from Star fm is facing.

This left confusion on fans as Ngarande is the one who started the fire as she posted on social media that Ollah 7 was pinning depression on her leading to other people who have went to the interview opening up.

She also added that she has no bad blood with Ollah 7.

This is what she said:


DJ Ollah 7 Star Fm.

I”m sending you light this morning ,no weapon formed against you shall prosper ,weapons will be formed but they will not prosper ,you don’t deserve the attack nemhepo dzirikuda kusimudzwa nevakaipa,this is a clear indication that in life we all have people who will be waiting for an avenue so that so they penetrate ,and use that chance to destroy you.

I personally don’t have any bad blood with and also it will never benefit me to see you and your family starve ,Everything was out of love but blown out of proportion by haters nevarindiri veguta remuzinda waSatan,asi zvisinei hanzvadzi ndinokushuwira zvakanaka in everything, Mhepo inoda kusimuka iyi tinoiraira muzita raJesu.,Anyone who is now pushing a narrative of discrediting your show is a devil ,that’s your bread and butter šŸ§ˆ.

Olla you will be great ,and your show will be Great.”