Florence Chaurura has also taken it to social media to blame Dj Ollah for asking sensitive questions at his interviews.

This follows a complaint from Jackie Ngarande and a response from Dj Ollah that justifies him by saying that they come to they are the ones who ask to come to these interviews.

This is what Chaurura said:

“Dear DJ Ollah 7 Star Fm.
I am the one who is meant to complain about how you handled my interview….I am sure deep down in you Waka reflector ukawona kuti you feel guilty all the time. Saka this post of yours is to redeem yourself …
I am aware that I volunteered to come to the show but however you should have been very sensitive to what your goal was ….
I have not sent out my complaint to you and your bosses Star FM yet but its coming …
I love to use diplomacy since ndiri munhu Mukuru.However #NGADZIKAKATE FAMILY can read in between lines kuti you are trying too hard to sanitize your brand ….
#ngaatsiurwe DJ Ollah