Mai Tt still labels Tinashe as a thief

Mai Tt a Zimbabwean socialite has posted on his Facebook page still labeling her former husband as a thief.

Mai TT posted a statement from Maphosa that came from the high court suing her for spreading lies about him on social media.

This is what she wrote on Facebook

Hiding behind Certificate rehupastor.
24 years in America , 0 asset, 0 nothing .
The only job he s good at is getting into hard working women s inboxes to steal from them .
Be careful he knows all verses from Genesis to Relevation.
He got a very convincing tongue you will even fight your closest ones over him .
Opportunist .
He s on wanted here in Zimbabwe.
Want to threaten me with stupid summons bring the money you stole first .
24 years your company has never paid u the money you claiming, wat damages are you claiming wen you stole my money , wen you borrowed people money behind my back and blocked them wen they started asking their money .
I lost my cars everything paying the mess you caused here apa you are busy trying to rip me more . Satan Sataaaaaaan Ndati Sataaaaaan.
Anybody who sees him paZim Airport alert the police 👮‍♀️
Idiot mbavha