Henry Olonga’s speaks about his life story growing up

  1. Popular Zimbabwean cricketer, Henry Olonga has spoken about growing up in Zambia, Kenya and Zimbabwe.
    Olonga also spoke about how he found Jesus.

Here are key points from the discussion.

1. Olonga was born in Zambia.

2. He moved with his mother and father to Kenya.

3. His mother found out that his father had 12 other children with another wife.

4. Henry and his brother moved to Zimbabwe.

5. His mother was a nurse and his father a doctor

6. He went to a christian boarding school

7. He believed in Christianity

8. When he was 16 he tried Yoga

9. He is a father of 2 children

10. He was kidnapped by a lady in Italy

11. He once almost drowned

12. He was once hijacked and almost killed at 24.