Freeman Chari celebrates 15th anniversary with his wife

Popular USA based Zimbabwean philanthropist, Freeman Chari, is celebrating 15 years anniversary with his wife Josy Mukoroyi Chari.

Chari wrote:

It is our 15th anniversary. As usual, I share something abt us. I met this girl munaAngwa. I was down, unemployed & the Health Board was also stopping me from leaving the country. We knew each other from UZ. I said to her, “I am unemployed but gimme a call someday for lunch.”

The text came on Tuesday 20 Feb, at 11:30am. It was short but enough to leave my head in a bit of a tailspin, “How about lunch today?” I was in Chegutu running some errands for my uncle. Immediately, I hit the road picking as many hitchhikers along the way to finance the dream

Got into Harare, spruced myself up. She was waiting for me at the hub of national theft – NSSA. The very first thing I said to her, which she says gave me some marks was , “This is not my car, it’s my uncle’s. Ini nditori shuro zvangu”

We had lunch pa Eastgate. She ordered Sadza and Chicken, I don’t even remember what I ordered. The comfort she had was because I was probably the last guy she wld date. I didn’t eat much because the bill was enough to make me worry about my empty tank… Home was gonna be far

Somehow, time & circumstances did not seem to line up for me to throw the word. We parted ways with a ZAOGA-like hug. She went back to her workplace as I melted into the dark horizons of hopelessness and despair. Maybe there was going to be a second chance.. just maybe!