Zimbabweans share facts about diabetes

Zimbabweans have today shared facts about their diabetes experiences after popular socialite, Anna Chibaby Honde asked them to do so on her Facebook Page.

Below are some of the comments.

Talking from experience, type 2 can be reversed.  Eating right, weight loss especially your HBA1C will go back to normal wotoita diet controlled instead of meds

I  heard using mango leaves wrks wonderers. You blend and put in warm water or you boil then drink the water on an empty stomach in the morning and before bed.

One major side effect of Diabetes is erectile dysfunction. Man should be on the look out.Atleast get screened annually

If anyone in your family has had diabetic, it means you are at high risk of getting it. The challenge with diabetic is it never show any signs until it’s too late . So , by just having a strong genetic risk, your lifestyle should be that of people with diabetics. Low to no Sugar and starch in your diet . Working out and exercising is a must.

Avoid Starchy foods, cooking oil, uncooked salt, sugar itself any fattening foods should be avoided eat more vegetables and avoid sweet stuff, don’t fry meat use oven or airfryer.


The common symptoms of diabetes include:

Going to the toilet a lot, especially at night
Being really thirsty
Feeling more tired than usual
Losing weight without trying to
Genital itching or thrush
Cuts and wounds take longer to heal
Blurred vision


I’ve been living with Diabetis for the past 8mnths.My Dad passed away in Zim ne DM last year.i think it was poorly managed because his sugar levels were always high.l started having serious symptoms like I lost 35kg in a space of 1mnth.i used to pass a lot of urine like will use a toilet every 30mins.l was always thirsty no matter how much water i drink.Started having blurred vision Doctors said I have a short sight.started wearing glasses,not knowing kuti iDM zvayo.My feet started getting numb that’s when I had to go to Emergency Department.Was emmidiately admitted.The Doctors struggled to reduce my sugar levels from 30.l thank God I am on my way to recovery.i wldnt wish this sickness on anyone.its not easy to be injecting yoself daily 4times.l thank God where I am we are given medications for free.

I am a type 1 diabetic from birth hence have had it for over 40 years. Some days are challenging but it can be managed.

A person diagnosed with diabetes needs to get vitals checked regularly (feet, kidney, heart, HBA1c etc) and their medication needs to be taken consistently and regularly (as directed by a healthcare professional of course). A natural diet free (to the best extent possible) of processed food plus regular hydration reduces the amount of sugar in the body.

Other factors such as stress, heat and social cohesion can exacerbate blood sugar regulation particularly when one attends events or social outings where you can’t really control what you’re fed. In times like that, carry some food.

Very sensitive to me,lost my 3year old daughter to diabetes it’s now 4years since l lost her,the experience was very traumatizing to me to see my child suffer at that age.

In simple terms type 1 diabetes there’s no insulin production.
Type 2 ,there’s insulin resistance.
Then there’s gestational diabetes inotwa nema pregnant mum.
Diabetes ketoacidosis.

It’s always good to have Blood sugar checks and know your family history with regards to diabetes.

I have 4years now living with diabetes, ichi chirwere is the worst shame, ini i used to collapse ndaiti kungo tsamwa chete i collapse kungo farisa chete i collapse and the couldn’t see the problem ku hospital till it was too late, ndakatanga kuti at night i sweat a lot and have shortness of breath, nyota isinga pere, kuita weti every after 20 minutes, i became too weak even to walk around, blurred vision and loosing a lot of weight, in tge the midst of it all i got in an argument with someone and collapsed and this time i almost died, i stayed in hospital for 2 good weeks and that’s when it was discovered that all along i had diabetes, ndakabva ndaiswa pa injection same time and ndaiiswa more than 5 drips per day, kusvika ndaita nane and got discharged, ndave kumba ndakabva ndaita blind for the whole month and lucky enough ndiri diaspora kune mishonga for free ndaidai ndakatoita blind for good. From then ndaienda kwa doc every week and kwa dietitian every time kusvika ndave zvandave, now haa ndajaira, another thing ndakazombo ita depression nenyaya ye injection iiih vehama zvakaoma hazvo

Diabetes is a very deadly disease and it is likely to cause kidney failure as well with also causes death at it’s late stages as you grow low starch foods must be eaten and it’s hereditary in most families.

Diabetes also causes blindness. Therez a detachment of the retina caused by diabetes which can lead to total blindness

Diabetes is one of the risk factors of developing Dementia.

I am dibetic… I have had change diet and exercise no more carbs… I mainly eat boiled chicken, veggies, no more fizzy drinks.. i crave very ice cold water… Snacks its usually cucumber blue berries strawberries in yougart, i eat brown sadza or multi grain mealie meal… I walk every Sunday at least 7 kms before church… In place of fizzy drinks i take soda water… In proportion all my meals… Eat in a smaller plate too… Bread whole wheat toasted with butter and peanut butter… Some put avocado but it makes my tummy upset… Boiled eggs are good too (but i dont eat eggs) i also have jungle oats with a pinch of salt… No sugar… I drink coffee or green tea with 2% low fat milk…. I was diagnosed about a year ago… Id be very thirsty… Frequently use the loo maybe twice every hour… Id feel so tired .. blurred vision too… I was put on meds and it was controlled… It spiked again last week . I had to had 2 drips and a shot of insulin… I am now on double my dosage for meds and an injection for 2mnths … Its very expensive so expensive…. But now its better but it can be so stressful and you can not stress cz ino kwira…😞

People with Diabetes should not eat honey.

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