WATCH LIVE: Who bombed Chamisa’s Chinhoyi Rally?

WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe Media speaks to Dr Feddious Mutenheri about the bombing of the CCC Rally in Chinhoyi.

CCC claimed that there was an assassination attempt on Chamisa in Chinhoyi during his last rally.

Key points for discussion

  1. Who bombed Chamisa’s Chinhoyi rally?
  2. Was the bombing staged?
  3. What are the implications if Chamisa is harmed?

Further developments

CCC spokeswoman, Fadzayi Mahere, has admitted that the party published wrong details regarding the identity of the car that “threw a bomb” at the party leader Nelson Chamisa in Chinhoyi.

Please see the full statement below:

We make reference to a statement we published on 11 September 2022 arising out of a widely reported incident which occurred at Gadzema Grounds in Chinhoyi on that same day

The incident concerned an incendiary device or explosive(s) thrown at the motorcade of our Change Champion in Chief, Adv Nelson Chamisa as he approached the entrance of the venue to address a rally.

The report as narrated to our information department reflected a motor-vehicle registration number AFA 1651 which upon further inquiry and investigation is incorrect.

However, the broad description of the vehicle is accurate, as far as is understood.

Steps are being taken to verify the correct registration number of the silver car that was seen by eyewitnesses at the scene of the incident and the Zimbabwe Republic Police are being informed of this error to aid their investigation.

We understand that the Police have recorded witness statements.
To that end, we are endeavouring to assist the Zimbabwe Republic Police with their inquiries to ensure the culprits are brought to book.

Any inconvenience caused is regretted.
Fadzayi Mahere
National Spokesperson