Sir Wicknell sues ZPC for US$25m

Nehanda Radio reports that controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo sued Zimbabwe Power Company US$22 million for defaming him after the Gwanda failed project.

Chivayo told the High Court on Monday that his arrest on allegations of defrauding the ZPC tarnished his name resulting in him losing business contracts at home and abroad.

Chivayo insisted the power utility company owes him substantial amounts of money for the Gwanda project.

Chivayo said he was willing to complete first phase of the project at a reduced price and finish within six months.

He was earlier cleared of wrongdoing in the Gwanda solar project, but the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) revived the case.

Criminal trial is due to commence at the lower court.

Please read the full story on Nehanda Radio – 14/09/22