Machete gang is hunting down and stabbing Zimbabweans in Diepsloot

An unknown Machete gang is targeting Zimbabweans in the suburb of Diepsloot.

Five Zimbabweans have been stabbed with pangas in the past month after being waylaid at their homes or workplaces.

The Sowetan newspaper reports that Gwinyai Munyai was stabbed on 2 August by a gang of men while coming from work at the gate of his shack. The men took R200 from him and he was treated at the local clinic.

On July 29 Sergio Mazanga was killed while using the communal toilet. He was stabbed before he entered the toilet and crawled back to his shack where he was  ferried to hospital and died on arrival.

Sergio Mazanga 's widow, Akanyana Moyo is traumatized by the wounds that she saw on her late husban' s body
Sergio Mazanga’s widow, Akanyana Moyo is traumatized by the wounds that she saw on her late husband’s body.

On September 3, Mahlamvu Ndlovu (45),  was stabbed by a gang of men carrying pangas while coming from visiting a friend at about 9pm after four men waylaid him at his gate. He was admitted in hospital for two weeks.

His neighbor, Knowledge Maseko (26), was stabbed in the head by unknown men while inside his yard. The men took his cellphone and left.

On September 5, Mbonisi Nkomo was grabbed by a group of men who beat him up while at his workplace and put a Tyre on his neck which they lit with petrol.

He was saved by a neighbor who told the group that he was not a criminal.

Please read the full story in today ‘Sowetan newspaper – 12 September 2022.