A  number of explosive confessions that were leaked this week on Facebook have shocked Zimbabweans after a priest forgot his notebook on the bus.

Slept with best friends wifee

Slept with my best friend wife and i was not working and my friend was taking care of me and honestly am not proud and my friend wife still want more

Bring back lost lover

I have a confession …I once tried (the bring back lost lover thing) on my baby daddy…and I regretted and I never used it…I felt like a witch,but I threw the muthi away coz I was always feeling guilty…it happened that he passed on so I started having weird dreams..he always appeared in my dreams trying to have sex with me…I moved on with my life so he’d always come through my dreams fighting my new boyfriend… somehow I just feel like I cursed myself though I never used the muthi.

Fake Facebook Account

I created a fake account and stole someone pictures and asked the guys for money and they sent me because I would promise then to visit them then I blocked them. I can say I ate R2000 of strangers here on Facebook, I feel bad because some sent me their last money.💔💔I was doing that because of hunger and I hope they forgive me and also God should forgive me 😢

Two boyfriends

I have two boy friend and all of them thy don’t now that iam cheating 🤦

Is my wife planning to kill me

I am a 27 year old guy from zeerust and I am married to this beautiful woman from Rusty.This is a long story buh I’ll try to keep it short..So three months back my wife told me that she’s visiting her family at rusty.she was supposed to go to rusty for 3 days(she went there on Friday which means she was supposed to be home on Monday).After mosadiaq afetsa otsamaya on Friday I then called my Side chick to come and spend the weekend with me(crazy right 🙄)And weitse atla and we spend the entire Friday & Saturday together.So on Sunday my side chick then decided to do something nice for me before she leaves.So I was sitting in the living room while my side chick was preparing food for me..Then I suddenly heard a knock at the door then I went to check who it was..and it was no one other than my wife🤦🤦I did not know what to do I was just standing there kemo lebelletse and she just greated me then Aya go beya di bag tsage on her room after Aya kitchen (Remember I was still in the living room Nna Ka nako eo)You know I expected gore ketlo kwaa leshata on the kitchen Nne setse KE expect’ile leore gotlotswa corpse kamo kitchen but dololo..that woman acted like begosa direge nix mopele ga mahlo age..can you imagine that she even helped my side chick to prepare for lunch😩and they even served the lunch raja rohle mo table e one..And my wife was even talking a tshega le my side chick as if nothing is happening..After my side chick left I thought that’s when she’ll start shouting at me but dololo till now she never uttered a word about that incident She’s just acting as if things are normal..I am even thinking of packing my bags ketsamaye😩I mean what if she’s planning to kill me.. Gent’s pls help a bro out..if it was you in my position.what were you going to do😩😩😩

In love with a married woman

I’m in love with a married women even tough i was advised to end the relationship cos if husband find out we both dead but i love her

Gay sex worker

Keep me anoza, I’m a student so I’m struggling financially due to fam hating Me for being gay,so I ended sleeping with some men for money just to survive.

Selling her body for food

please keep me anonymous……..I’m sleeping with older men for me to put food on the table for me and my kids���i feel so worthless and ashamed

Slept with Pastors wife

 i once had sex with my pastor wife i was so scared i don’t even know know what lead to that esh

Witnessed a murder

I once witnessed a murder and the hitman wasn’t wearing a mask to cover himself and i was coming from campus that it was quite in the street and when I was asked if i saw anything i said no and i don’t know why yaz i was investigated 3 times because someone saw me walking that side so the police wanted information from even the guy family begged me to recollect something i kept saying no maybe it happened after i passed the streets. The deceased was a taxi owner. And i have never told anyone about it. It is now that it haunts me

Slept with cousin

I slept with my cousin and ended up being pregnant so we decided to terminate the baby we were both at college and didn’t want our family to know about it. It haunt me sometimes

Ran away from an old lady

When I was 5 an old lady tried to sleep with me …

And when she was getting undressed I stood up and ran out the door before she could notice …

I never told anyone this before