WATCH: Dr Phophi to bill President Mnangagwa for Pregnant Zimbabwean women

Limpopo health MEC, Dr Phophi Ramathuba, has made her fight against President Mnangagwa personal.

Dr Ramathuba announced that she will now be “billing Mnangagwa” for Zimbabwean women who are crossing the border to deliver their babies in Limpopo province.

She was speaking to a Zimbabwean woman who had been ferried by ambulance across the province to attend Ante-Natal clinics.

Dr Ramathuba said Pregnant Zimbabwean women are even registering on their Zimbabwean hospital cards that they will be delivering in South Africa.

Dr Ramathuba has became popular for her public antics which have gone viral on social media over the past weeks.

She has received support across the country from South Africans who believe that Zimbabweans are putting undue pressure on the health services across the country.

Please watch the video of Dr Phopi Ramathuba saying she will be billing Mnangagwa below.