South African based prophet Mellontic Orasi has posted prophetic visions concerning Zimbabwe on his Facebook page.

On his post, he said in the next 364 days Zimbabwe is going to embarke on a painful journey full of anger, frustrations and anxiety.

Below is his prophecy

Zimbabwe from now to 364 days
1) A generation of evil people shall be on the rampage, killing and maiming people,in Masvingo,Buhera,Manicaland and Midlands, some people will have hands chopped off on the forerun to elections
2) Another army air force plane shall develop mid air engine failure
3) A male character who is a yesteryear entertainer resting shortly.
4) Zimbabwe church elderly and pioneer in faith will rest
5) Some earth tremors will be felt in some parts of Zimbabwe
6) I see Zimbabweans embarking on a painful journey full of anger and frustration and anxiety.
7)One of the deadliest blood bash to be experienced in 2023 as government tĀ urns a deaf ear
8)Troubled farming season upon Zimbabwe
9)5 notable bus accidents before year end
10) Another millionaire in Zimbabwe to perish on the Road