One million houses under construction in Zimbabwe – Eddie Cross

Zimbabwean economist, Eddie Cross, has revealed that the country is set to experience massive growth due to various factors. Eddie cross was speaking to Arise Africa news TV channel.

  • There is a building boom with over one million houses under construction from the Diaspora community.
  • We are selling 4 million tonnes of cement this year.
  • Everywhere you look , you see trucks carrying bricks.
  • There are about 5 million adult Zimbabweans working in South Africa, with about 500 000 of those in executive positions.
  • Over 50% of all education costs are paid by Diaspora Zimbabweans.
  • Investments in mining are at their highest levels, Platinum, Lithium and Gold, these are set to continue. There is a massive investment by China in the steel sector.
  • There is over $6 billion investment in capacity across the mining sector.